I like this butterfly because it looks as though Destiny is questioning herself by the way that her eyes are.

I like how the balls and the ground around it are the only things in focus while everything else is out of focus.

I like how this looks as though I am standing in the corner of a fence.

I like this photo because of detailed everything in it is and how the north pole stars look as though they are the center of a pair of eyes.

I like how the laces look as though they are tied together.

I like how the lights look as though it is a cat if you turn your head to the left.

I like how the image looks as though both girls are going for the same ball.

I like this one because you can't really tell what it is but it is a photo of the big screen at the Maroon 5 concert.

I like how this one turned out because it looks as though it is real. Like Destiny put up both her hands to cover her face.

I like how simple this photo was. When I took it they were laughing at someone so the are not posed. I love the pure joy they have.

The first thing I notice in the photo is the face Jake is making. I feel that his expression he is making truly represents him and his personality.


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